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Filtered CBD Preroll Cigarettes

A pack of Filtered CBD Preroll Cigarettes lying on top of... some coasters? Next to the pack, there are a few sparse cigarettes sitting outside of the box.
$9.99 / pack
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Aspen Valley Hemp Company’s tobacco-and-nicotine-free CBD Hemp Cigarettes are the perfect introduction to CBD for both long-time tobacco smokers and those altogether new to smokable hemp products.

To reiterate, our CBD Cigarettes contain absolutely no nicotine, tobacco, or any number of other harmful substances found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

High Bioavailability

As you may have read in our Definitive CBD Guide, smoking offers the highest bioavailability of any method of substance absorption. As such, CBD Cigarettes are a great way to feel the immediate effects of CBD flower

Our cigarettes are professionally manufactured with the same level of quality as traditional tobacco cigarettes, creating a familiar feeling and sensation.

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Cigarettes and Prerolled Joints?

CBD Hemp Cigarettes are made from a leafier shake material than CBD Joints in order to pack evenly, burn smoothly and smoke refreshingly. Our CBD cigarettes also contain a traditional cigarette filter. Prerolled joints are unfiltered, contain more CBD flower per joint, and are packed with premium ground bud, the same premium ground bud found in our jars of CBD flower.

Our special CBD cigarette blend has around 10% CBD, with less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. Each cigarette contains about 0.85g of CBD flower.

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is the actual plant material that CBD oil products are extracted from. Whereas almost any part of the hemp plant may be processed into biomass to make CBD extracts, only a select few buds on each plant are of a high enough quality to be smoked in raw form.

Every year during the harvest season, we separate out these specialized buds, which hold more cannabinoid content than any other part of the plant. These buds go into our cigarettes and joints and create a non-psychoactive hemp flower that you can smoke, cook with, or consume in any way you desire.


CBD Hemp Cigarettes come in two forms, both packs and cartons.

  • 20 cigarettes per pack
  • 10 packs per carton